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Run At Destruction

Run At Destruction

ISBN: 978-0-9820009-2-2
Condition: New
Binding: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Titletown Publishing
Publish Place: Green Bay, WI
Publish Date:

The True Story of Three Teachers in a Love Triangle That Stunned A Community

Deeply immersed in the close-knit culture of long-distance running, Pam and Bob Bulik were avid competitors. To all appearances, they were also a happily married couple, devoted to each other and their two young children. Then, Bob made a fateful decision. He began an extramarital affair that led to his wife's tragic death and to one of the most sensationalized and heavily attended trials in Green Bay's history.

Candidly written by Pam's best friend, Run at Destruction exposes the irresistible human passions that make us so vulnerable, and the ultimate price we pay for choosing to act on them. You'll relive every detail of the crime and the exhaustive police investigation, and watch the courtroom drama from a front-row seat as a major homicide case unfolds in a small town where everyone knows all the players. Then, when you've heard all the evidence, you can decide for yourself - was Pam Bulik's death a terrible accident, intentional suicide, negligent homicide or premeditated murder?

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